Prom and Grad Private Photoshoot experience

With 2020, nothing is normal. When it came time for Prom & Graduation season, we knew the kids would miss out on long awaited rights of passage we all enjoyed (or endured) when we were their age. “What can we do,” Curt Collins wracked his brain for ways to help. “Got it!” He calls a team meeting; we are going to have to get creative here, and quick. 

We partnered with five incredible local businesses to safely host a Private Photoshoot Experience night. Suits and tuxedos were provided by us at a heavily discounted rate and we made graduation gowns and caps in all the school colours. Our partners supplied the tent and stage, decorations, flowers, food, and photography. The kids got to feel like superstars, the parents got their photos, and the vendors got an opportunity to give back to the community.

The business side of things Our main priority was health and safety. A giant, open tent outside with a stage and DJ booth was ideal. This also kept our showroom available to customers. 

Our main business goal was to generate goodwill and brand awareness within our communities. That was our pitch to our business partners and each one was immediately on-board with the idea. Breaking even on costs was a secondary goal.

We set-up the tent and stage complete with DJ booth in the back parking lot of our store paying both vendors a portion of booking sales. Photographer costs were built into the booking price, the flowers and food vendors set their prices to be purchased on-site, and our decorations were simply a generous lend.

There was no spend time for marketing

We created graphics and used video footage to promote organically through social media. Using the power of multiple business accounts (our partners!) and strategic timing, we spread the word far and wide in just a couple of days. This three-day event ended up with an encore night the following week to meet demand.  

Our Results

Our results were tenfold what we put in when you consider the experience we provided and feelings of so many families we touched by filling a void. We created new business relationships, strengthened existing ones and made an impact on the community that spread across social media.

Everyone came together to pull off this entire event in just two weeks from conception to execution. The feedback from participants was heartwarming and even though this wasn’t the night anyone had imagined, it made for a unique experience and an incredible story.

Things won’t be back to ‘normal’ anytime soon, this is an important lesson in adapting quickly. Now is the time to prepare and get creative for a weird 2021. 

Want to host your own unique experience in your community but don’t know where to start? Send us a message and we’ll help you plan and set-up for success. 


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