We're more than just rentals!

Visit our corporate stores and you will see... We offer a full range of casual and dressy menswear for purchase.


Well dressed.

Collins Clothiers carries a wide range of suits from Paul Betenley, S.Cohen, Lief Horsens and more. You will always look your best when you trust the stylists at Collins.

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Collins Clothiers is the official suit provider of the NHL Coaches' Association. 


Love it or Lease it

Only Collins can offer you a line of suits that you can rent or purchase. Love it or Lease it brings the flexibility of choice. Perfect for wedding parties where some groomsmen may want to rent and others purchase. 


Shop online.

At Collins Clothiers, you can shop online as well. We feature brands like Saxx, 2Under, Mavi Jeans, Kangol and Florsheim just to name a few.

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Want to purchase a used tuxedo instead? Visit our Tux Owner site to learn more about how easy it is to own!

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